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Our Focus at Morehead State University

To be Different

Not all fraternities are the same and at SigEp we are different in many ways, and have been since 1901. Specifically, we are a fraternity of firsts, and we continue to lead in the development and promotion of the modern fraternity while preserving our founding 1901 values. Unwavering since November of 1901, Sigma Phi Epsilon stands as a social fraternity of men who embrace the greatest truth ever known. 

The Balanced Man Program 

Our Award-Winning 'Balanced Man Program' or BMP is a continuous development program designed to help each brother become their personal best and further build the qualities of Leader, Scholar, Athlete, and Gentleman. To ensure continuous growth, SigEp has eliminated the pledging process, granting all members full privileges immediately after joining, and new members can join year-round.


Lifelong Brotherhood

Our 50+ brothers are from all over the U.S. and Kentucky. Members have access to a dedicated alumni network of over 1,000 brothers from Morehead State University, and are part of a fraternity with over 13,000 current members, and lifetime membership exceeding 332,000. From trips to Lockegee Rock, to intramural events, or leading organizations together, the bonds of brotherhood are evident when interacting with our newest members or our alumni from the 1970s to now.

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Established 1901, Richmond, Virginia

Established 1970, Morehead, Kentucky  


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