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The Kentucky Zeta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon has continuously been a partner of Morehead State University since the 25th of April, 1970. The chapter has a rich tradition of developing young men from all backgrounds into transformative leaders in all areas. With over 1,000 members, the Chapter has a rich tradition of leading the Greek community in academics, leadership, athletics, and philanthropy. Through our shared sense of purpose, and our unity in upholding our three cardinal principles, virtue, diligence, and brotherly love, we celebrate our sacred brotherhood. 

ACADEMICS - SigEp and academic excellence thrive together. Being Greek should better the man in all ways, including academically. Our chapter takes pride in consistent awards for top GPA among all-chapters and new members at MSU (every semester but one over the last decade). The all-chapter cumulative has been at or above 3.2 for several consecutive semesters. The new member GPA in Spring 2018 was surpassed the new member GPA for all sororities and fraternities at MSU.


CAMPUS LEADERSHIP - Since our founding in 1970, numerous campus leadership positions have been held by SigEps. The first student regent was a SigEp, and over a dozen SigEps have been SGA presidents. No other fraternity has had more Homecoming Kings in the last 10 years than SigEp. SigEps are also involved with the BCM, numerous academic clubs, and much more. 


INTRAMURALS / ATHLETICS - SigEps consistently win intramural events in sports like Softball, Volleyball, and Basketball. We value time hiking to Lockegee and take pride in being active. We seek to win every intramural competition, and you can always find SigEps at the Rec Center (either working or just there).


GENTLEMEN & PHILANTHROPY - Providing backpack snacks to Rowan County's most needy, reading Dr. Suess books to kids, or having fun performing a skit for a sorority to raise funds for charities are just a few of our good works. Maturity, providing respect to others, paying forward, and having fun is expected.

Building Balanced Leaders for the World's Communities



We have three cardinal principles, VIRTUE, DILIGENCE, and BROTHERLY LOVE. In order to achieve brotherly love, our brothers are charged with being virtuous in their relationships and life. In order to achieve brotherly love, our brothers are to be diligent in their actions, including their studies, service to others, and their own personal health. Together, united by a common bond, we form bonds with one another that stand the test of time. Words are unable to explain the special bond that brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Morehead State University hold together and one to another. 

About SigEp at Morehead State University



Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded in 1901 on the campus of Richmond College (now called the University of Richmond) in Richmond, Va. The story of its founding by 12 determined men set the stage for the growth and success of one of the country’s premier fraternal organizations. The founding vision for the fraternity was presented to Bro. Carter Ashton Jenkens, and is described in the Jenkens' Lesson. The history of the Fraternity reflects the times, through great wars and profound cultural shifts. Throughout the decades, the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon have practiced their values and embraced the stated desire of the Founders, “This Fraternity will be different.”




  • Over the past two decades, SigEp has recruited more men than any other collegiate fraternity.

  • Currently, over 13,000 undergraduates are SigEps, more than any other national fraternity. *On average, SigEps boast a 3.2 GPA!

  • Over 332,000 lifetime members ranks SigEp among the largest national fraternities.

  • SigEp maintains a full-time professional staff of over 50 people.

  • The SigEp Journal has been published continuously since 1904, and is distributed to all members for life.

  • SigEp hosts the largest biennial convention in the fraternity world: the Grand Chapter Conclave.

  • SigEp was the first national fraternity to establish a housing trust for all chapters and create a National Housing Corporation.

  • Sigma Phi Epsilon has the greatest number of fraternity houses, with over 200 chapter homes.  Of those, over 115 are owned by local SigEp Alumni and Volunteer Corporations.

  • The Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation was the first fraternity foundation to build an endowment greater than $12 million.

  • The Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. Funds are used to develop the scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and personal potential of student members.



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